Thursday, May 17, 2012

Regulations on Leading Tours in Pompeii?

To the Blogging Pompeii community: I would be ever so grateful to hear from some of you who are in the know about the rules for leading tours in Pompeii. I am interested in leading a tour of a dozen or so folks through the site (next year), but wonder about the legality of such an endeavor — especially considering the power of the tour guides' union! Has anyone had experience with either applying for a tour permit of some sort, or definitively discovering that paperwork is not necessary for this (either formally or "they just didn't seem to mind that I was leading a tour")? If so, what were the general circumstances of your tour (group size, academic affiliation, peak tourist season or off-peak, paying or non-paying customers, what year it was, etc.)? I would appreciate any information you have on the subject.

With warm thanks,
Stephanie Pearson
UC Berkeley