Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Exhibition Offers Look Inside Pompeii’s Interiors

From the Getty Isis, an article about a new exhibition on the visual documentation of Pompeii at the Italian Cultural Institute in Westwood (Los Angeles):  

New Exhibition Offers Look Inside Pompeii’s Interiors
By Isotta Poggi
Inside the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii in the early 19th century. Detail from a hand-colored engraving by Jules Frédéric Bouchet (draftsman) and Raoul Rochette in Maison du poete tragique a Pompei, publiee, avec ses peintures et ses mosaiques, fidelement reproduites et avec un texte explicatif (Paris, 1828). The Getty Research Institute, 2643-730
The exhibition Inside Out: Pompeian Interiors Exposed, recently opened at the Italian Cultural Institute in Westwood, provides a historic glimpse inside the houses and villas of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
Drawing mainly from the photo archive of the Getty Research Institute, which counts over two million photographs of art historical contents, the exhibition focuses on visual documentation of the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum from the time of their rediscovery in the mid-18th century through our time in the early 21st. Early prints and photographs of the sites offer a vivid contrast to contemporary images, which show the passage of time and the recent interventions undertaken to preserve this delicate ancient environment—which, after being buried for eighteen centuries, is now exposed to fluctuating environmental conditions in the open air.
 Read the full article here, and link to the exhibition website itself here.