Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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27 November 2012 16:25
Below is a body of work that I have just discovered, and I feel that it deserves wider notice. It is a group of 3D reconstructions by Peter Olsen of properties in Pompeii ... and some other places.
Peter Olsen 3D reconstructions of Pompeii

Insula I.1
Insula I.2
VII.9.7–8 Macellum
Arch of Caligula
VII.9.1 Building of Eumachia
VII.9.3 Imperial Cult Building
VIII.7.19 Odeion
VIII.7.30–34 Triangular Forum
VIII.7.20 Large Theatre
VIII.7 south
II.7 Grand Palaestra
VII.9.2 Temple of Vespasian
VII.8 Forum
VII.8.1 Temple of Jupiter
VIII.1.1–2 Basilica
II.6 Amphitheatre
VII.7.32 Temple of Apollo

Michael Binns